Hand Best Equipment Co., Ltd. (formerly Asian Success Machinery Co., Ltd.) was established in 1987 specializing in the design and manufacture of industrial production equipment. Our core products include automatic plant dipping equipment for latex, nitrile, neoprene and PVC gloves, automatic dipping production lines for latex condoms, and production lines for the manufacture of latex balloons.

In 1996, the company further expanded its business scope by acting as an agent and a trader of production machinery for cathode-ray tubes, PVC tiles and iron tubes, a business which continues to operate today.

Since our company inception in 1987, we have installed equipment in more than 50 glove factories, involving approximately 120 glove production lines. Our experience encompasses the globe. Some of our customers include Arista (Indonesia), Harir (Iran), Promat (Brazil), LRC (Malaysia), Maxxim Medical (USA), and Alexandria (Egypt).

Today's dipping plants call for highly engineered features from an experienced supplier. Hand Will International Co., Ltd. is taking aggressive steps to achieve this objective. In 2003, Hand Will established an engineering collaboration agreement with PolyTech Synergies LLC (USA), to enhance our automated dipping lines. The President of PolyTech Synergies, Mr. William L. Howe, is former President and Technical Manager of ACC Automation Co., - of USA- and brings nearly 20 years of dipping equipment expertise to our team.

We are committed to meeting your needs for highly efficient dipping plants. Your success is our success!